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Unmindful Oblivion Diamond Ring

SKU: RW00224-2(1913)


With our ring Unmindful Oblivion people are able to forget everything except those marvelous moments in life.

Product Information
Thickness: 1.62 mm
Width: 9.92 mm
Weight: 10.25 g
Central Diamond Information
QTY & carat weight: 243RD - 2.18CT
Average color: E-F
Average clarity: SI1
14K Yellow Gold
14K White Gold
Instalment Plan

To be sure that the diamonds you buy are real and fully comply with the declared characteristics, you need a grading report. It is also known as diamond’s passport, quality document, laboratory report, dossier, appraisal or certificate. Generally, such certifications are considered a scientific document from an independent gemological center that gives information about the diamond's authenticity and confirmation of its characteristics such as diamond’s Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat (4Cs).

GIA, HRD, IGL and IGI are reputable international organizations, recognized all over the world, which certify the quality of a diamond. YB Soul Jewelry Company also issues its own certificate, which indicates the exact data regarding the cut, clarity, color and carat weight of diamonds and other precious stones used in our crafted products. We offer the YB Soul certificate to each of our creations and guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the YB Soul diamond.

YB Soul Certificate

YB Soul provides Gemological Grading Services and evaluates diamonds according to all the general standards. Our modern technology enables us to examine the characteristics of a diamond such as diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat. This report presents the findings of a diamond analisis which assures that a diamond was tested, examined and graded through the use of modern equipment, which YB Soul utilized at the time of analysis. Differences between the findings in this report and the findings pertaining in other researches may be attributable to various reasons such as the usage of other grading methods or the development of new technologies and equipment.

* We offer the YB Soul Certificate along with all our diamond products. Here is an example of YB Soul Certificate below.

GIA Certificates

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was founded in 1931 with a main office in New York. Its goal is to provide the diamond industry and the clients with an independent, objective opinion on the quality of a diamond. GIA is a reliable source of independent expertise that strictly adheres to diamond grading standards. GIA tests every material submitted to determine whether it is natural or not, and discloses any treatments discovered during our examination.

Many people all over the world trust and choose GIA for identifying and evaluating gem materials.

* We offer a GIA Certificate and GIA laser engraving to the diamonds more than 1.00 carat. Here is an example of GIA Certificate below.

HRD Antwerp Certificates

An HRD Antwerp Diamond Grading Report is an objective report that confirms a polished natural diamond’s authenticity and provides a detailed description of its key characteristics. It was founded in 1976 and is a non-profit organization serving the Belgian diamond trade and the diamond industry. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest and most reliable organizations in the world and maintains an excellent reputation for high quality and objectivity.

HRD Antwerp also suggests the grading report of diamonds that weigh between 0.08 and 0.998 carats. They have developed the ID CARDs for gemstones below 0.30 carats which include the same information as a Natural Diamond Grading Report – but in a compact size.

* We offer a HRD Antwerp Certificate to the diamonds more than 1.00 carat. Here is an example of HRD Antwerp Certificate below.

IGL Certificate

IGL - International Gemological Laboratories - provide a wide range of professional gemological services and certificates for diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry across the world. They are aimed to detecting natural diamonds, lab-grown stones and treated diamonds. The IGL Diamond Certificate provides a reliable and accurate documentation of a diamond’s identity and grade based on the internationally recognized diamond grading system.

They provide such services as Diamond Report, Jewelry Report, Gemstone Report, Laser Inscription, Lab Grown Diamond and also Online Report.

* We offer an IGL Certificate to the diamonds more than 0.7 carat. Here is an example of IGL Certificate below.

IGI Certificates

One of the leading gemological institutions in the world is International Gemological Institute (IGI). It was established in 1975 in Antwerp and has since become the largest independent institute for the certification and evaluation of diamonds. It is popular for its quality services, extensive experience and expertise.

In 1981 the International Gemological Information was founded in New York as a subdivision of IGI. Like its parent company, IGI Information is an uncommercial organization and does not sell diamonds or other precious stones. Thus, IGI Information provides objective and accurate appraisals and identification reports.

* We offer a IGI Certificate to the diamonds more than 0.7 carat. Here is an example of IGI Certificate below.

Instalment Plan
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You have a choice: from two to twelve months.

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The price will be without interest.

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Where can I read more about it?

You may find more details in our article prepared for you.