How to Determine your Ring Size?

Are you going to do a marriage proposal or buy a brilliant diamond jewelry gift? And you do not know what ring size your beloved lady has? Then we are here to tell you the most popular life hacks gathered from fiances from all over the world.

How to choose the correct ring size for a woman or man?

Ring size is the inner diameter of the jewelry item in millimeters or inches. The comfort and effectiveness of the ring in the outfit depending on how accurately and correctly it is chosen.

There are some DON'TS when sizing the finger

  • When it is too hot or too cold outdoors or there are sudden changes in temperature.
  • After sport exercises.
  • During the pregnancy.
  • After the long flight.
  • After drinking too much liquid.
  • In the morning or in the evening when the puffiness is peculiar to a lot of people.
  • It is also very important to know that the size of the same finger on the left hand can differ from its size on the right hand.

Moreover, there is some tip from us: when choosing a narrow ring round its size down and up when purchasing a wide band.

So, what are the most popular ways of determining the right ring size?

First of all, we highly recommend you to go to the local jeweler who will tell you the accurate and correct ring size. It is the most tried and true way of doing this.

But if you want to surprise somebody, then here is the best advice.


Take a ruler and size the diameter of the ring.


Put the ring on the piece of paper and circle its borders with a pen. Then take a ruler and measure the diameter of the band.


You can print a template sheet in different sizes and then attach the ring to one of the more or less suitable circles to determine the size! BUT, you need to be sure that the scale is right.


Take a thick thread or a strip of paper, wrap it around your finger below the joint, cut off the ends, mark them and measure with a ruler. BUT, there is also a risk that the thread can squeeze the finger too much and the paper, on the contrary, can add more millimeters.


The most controversial theory is finding out the ring size by the size of the clothes. But practice absolutely does not justify these data. So, we recommend not to experiment on that because the result can be disappointing.

We also would like to share the best tips to find out the ring size of your beloved secretly. Engagement is a very exciting occasion and must be surprising for a girl. Check the most popular recommendations from grooms.

  • Discreetly take the ring from the jewelry box and come with it to the local store, where the jewelry consultant will determine the size with the help of a finger gauge or a ring gauge.
  • Try on the accessory on your finger and make a note.
  • Stroll through the shopping center and make a "trial" jewelry surprise: a silver ring or a stylish piece of jewelry.
  • Ask a sister, mother, or best friend of a girl to be your allies.
  • Make a “toy ring” out of champagne wire, paper or thread and jokingly try it on the hand of your woman.

We truly hope that you had a little fun with us and you will find out your best way of how to determine the correct ring size. We will be happy to share such an important moment in your life and will help you to choose the best Diamond Engagement or Wedding Ring for her. The YB Soul is here for you to make your life brighter!

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