The Difference Between Sapphire and Diamond

Diamond and white sapphire are two of the most expensive gemstones on the market. They are very similar to each other and it is difficult to distinguish which one is that. White sapphire is also cheaper than a diamond and some people find it a great idea for an engagement ring. But is it really worth it?

First of all, there is no such thing as a sapphire cut grade. Many people expect that in the gemstone’s report they will see the exact proportions of a sapphire. But GIA, for example, describes the basic parameters like carat weight, body color, shape, and whether the sapphire has been treated with heat or not.

And that is what makes sense. Sapphires are more valued for their color: blue, green, yellow, red. It is the color of the stone that makes such an unforgettable impression on your beloved bride. In this meaning colored sapphire are similar to colored diamonds, because then the color plays the most important role, not brilliance, fire, or scintillation. Scintillation refers to the rainbow colors that you may see in the gem.

Compared to diamond white sapphires look less magnetizing. They look more dull and bright less with colors. A diamond is about the brilliance, fire and scintillation, sparkles, and light that is absorbed by the stone. Sapphires, however, can not boast about these factors. it is more about its inherent body color. In the picture below you may notice the sapphire’s tendency to appear more cloudy than a diamond:

But if you are a real connoisseur of white sapphire, you can bravely consider it as a stone for an engagement ring.

Secondly, let’s talk about sapphire and diamond’s durability. As we all already know diamond is the hardest gem in the world. It is very stable to scratches and damages. On the other hand, sapphires consist of corundum which is the second hardest substance on the planet. But still compared to diamonds white sapphires are 4 times less prone to be damaged and scratched on the surface.

That also means that with a sapphire engagement ring you will need to be more careful and after some time it may demand on being repolished.

The third and very important thing in comparing diamond and white sapphire is price. Here sapphires have a great advantage. For example, a 1.50ct white sapphire will cost approximately $1200 when the price of a 1.50ct good quality diamond (VS1-F) will rise to $15000.

But here we have some tricks: a diamond with 1.48ct will cost much cheaper than a diamond with 1.5ct which can not be noticed by the naked eye. But still white sapphire will cost you considerably less than a diamond.

The last but not least, where to buy a white sapphire or a diamond. It is important, of course, to see first and then buy. But in the terms of current situations, we recommend turning to online jewelry stores. Moreover, prices in online diamond jewelry shops are cheaper than in your local jeweler.

A wide range of online jewelry shops allows you to compare all the conditions and prices of staying home. In YB Soul Diamond Jewelry Online Shop we will offer the best prices from the manufacturer and have a closer look at a gemstone.

In conclusion, diamonds still rule the world and there is no other brilliant substitution to it. White sapphire has its own beauty. but is more stunning when having a unique color. If you’d like to choose a diamond for your budget, click here to get more tips from the YB Soul team.

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