The Perfect Ring for your Hand

Let’s talk about the rings. Do you know how to choose your perfect one? Of course, it is not as easy as it seems. We want to share with you some tips. We also will reveal some useful tips:)

When you are choosing your perfect ring, you have to not forget about your age. Yes, maybe we write it too directly, but it’s true. If you are a young lady, then the piece of jewelry should be tiny and accurate, without big stones on it. Such a ring will emphasize the youthfulness of the skin and the age.

If you are in adulthood, then the choice is limitless. Choose a solid or medium-sized ring with expressive stones. Such an ornament on the finger will inform others that, despite the fact that they are in front of an experienced lady at an elegant age, she does not stop following her appearance and the fashion trend.


Let's look at some variants of the rings for different types of fingers. It is worth paying attention to some little details when choosing jewelry.

  • Pudgy little fingers can be visually more graceful with the help of rings of the original shape - especially with corners, as well as rings with an elongated design. Owners of these finger shapes are not recommended to wear jewelry with a round stone.
  • If you have fingers with obviously large joints, give preference to fairly large stones, they will distract attention to an unnecessary extent. Avoid too thin and tiny rings with small precious stones.
  • Your fingers are thin and very narrow? Wide rings have been created for you. With sprinkling little stones or without it at all. Such jewelry items will immediately visually increase the width of your fingers.
  • If you are lucky enough to have moderately thin and long fingers, then there are practically no restrictions, choose whatever your heart desires. The only advice is to pay attention to the fact that rings with oval or pear-shaped stones can make the fingers look even longer.

What to wear and on which finger?

  1. The ring finger serves as a place for a wedding ring and there are no particularly strict requirements for it (but at the same time, jewelry etiquette experts recommend choosing relatively small pieces of jewelry). When choosing rings for the little finger, forefinger, middle or large, it is worth thinking about what shape and size it should be.
  2. If you want to decorate your little finger with a jewelry item, remember that only narrow rings without stones can be worn on this finger. Small inconspicuous inclusions, of course, can be (small diamonds or engraving), but these elements should not be so visible. Huge rings with massive stones will look very inappropriate on the little finger.
  3. If you are a fan of large, massive, expressive rings, then there is a middle finger for such a decoration.
  4. A thin ring with a geometric pattern is ideal for the index finger, as well as the presence of small stones on the ring.
  5. On the thumb, it is worth wearing a medium-wide ring. The main thing is that the ring should be without dazzlingly shining stones.

Rings for men

It may seem that there is little choice of rings for men. But we should cheer you up: it is not true. The number of men's rings and their types are going to be popular today. The first and most popular is the wedding ring. The stronger sex is also allowed to wear a signet or a family ring with initials. This type of jewelry is worn on the ring finger or little finger of the left hand. Wedding rings and heraldic rings, first of all, are specific symbols and not just jewelry. In such jewelry items, the presence of expensive stones is permissible, although it is also worth considering the size of the stone.

Was it useful? So here are some more pieces of advice to share:

  • you should not wear more than two rings on your hand. If you wear one on each, make sure that the jewelry is in one style;
  • better do not wear expensive pieces of jewelry in combination with cheaper jewelry - it doesn’t look well;
  • if your main preference for clothing is jeans, a T-shirt, and a sweater it is better to give up very fancy jewelry with large stones that attract close attention. But still, it is possible to find the ring for this casual style too. Combine this style of clothing with less expressive, modest pieces that will only add zest to your outfit.

And here is one more tip for you: well-groomed hands. Wearing any kind of jewelry, take care of the manicure: even the most modest ring on you - will draw attention to your fingers sooner or later.

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