TOP 10 Most Expensive Colored Diamond

Diamonds enchant people with their unique brilliance for a long time. But not everyone knows that such magnificent stones have different varieties. In addition, people may not pay attention to the shades that are usually present in a diamond.

As you know, diamonds were formed as a result of the crystallization of carbon molecules under high pressure. If the colorless diamonds have the presence of a yellow tint it makes the stone less valuable, but if it is fancy colored diamonds - the stone will increase in value with the saturation and depth of tone.

Are colored diamonds more expensive? Below we prepared the list with TOP-10 expensive colored stones.

1. Red Diamond

Red diamonds are incredibly rare and the most expensive in the world. For example, Moussaieff Red Diamond (5.11 ct. tw.) was sold for $20 million. It is scary to imagine what would happen if the red stones were larger (the more highly valued they would be:)

2. Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds are regularly featured in the TOPs of the most precious jewels. This is Hope, Wittelsbach, and the Heart of the Ocean. But the most expensive in terms of weight was Zoe - the rarest blue stone of incomparable purity. The diamond was sold for $32.6 million at Sotheby's. This fact made the stone the most expensive per carat.

3. Orange Diamond

Bright and transparent, exceptionally pure, and rich in color (these properties are especially appreciated in colored diamonds) is Orange Diamond (14.82 ct. tw.). This stone was sold for 35.5 million dollars. The sale became a record in the entire history of selling orange stones.

4. Pink Diamond

The pink diamond retains the title of "the most expensive in the world" and this is the Pink Star. But there is one more record keeper by weight Pink Graff' (more than 24.78 ct. tw.). Its exceptional color was estimated by auction participants at $46.16 million.

5. Purple Diamond

Perhaps even more rare than red is purple diamonds because it is very difficult to find the pure color of the stone in nature. This is why the Argyle Violet (despite its low carat weight - 2.83) is selling for 4 million dollars.

6. Green Diamond

It is very difficult to find green diamonds on sale. You can check for 1 ct. tw. stones in the reference books. The diamonds can be purchased starting from $250,000. But really large green diamonds are in collections and the owners do not hurry to part with them.

7. Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds are generally considered to be of little value, unless we are talking about stones with a history, such as Sancy, or exceptional bright and large specimens, such as Drop of the Sun. It was one of the heaviest stones (110.03 ct. tw.) and became the most expensive yellow diamond sold at Sotheby's for $ 12.4 million.

8. Grey Diamond

Gray diamonds rarely have gem value, but when we are talking about unique jewelry, the price can rise. The so-called Diamond Sultan of Morocco (35.27 ct. tw.) cost 250 thousand US dollars (today - 1.4 million dollars). But there are a number of things that made it so expensive. Firstly, this is a blue-gray diamond, one of the largest, and secondly, it belonged to the Yusupov princes. It means that this diamond has a certain history.

9. Brown Diamond

Prices for brown diamonds depend on the shade of the color, its saturation, and size. The most expensive are red-brown tones, but pure brown will cost much less than colorless stones.

10. Black Diamond

For a long time, jewelers refused to deal with black diamonds, because all the beauty of these stones is in the purity and play of light on the edges. But there are also exceptions. For example, the Black Orlov or Amsterdam (33.74 ct. tw.). The last stone became the most expensive (because of weight) black diamond ever sold.

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