TOP-Engraving Ideas for an Engagement Rings

Everyone prefers to confess their love in their own way: it may be sweet and sincere words, unpredictable and surprising proposals or a diamond engagement ring with a personal engraving.

Engraving on engagement rings is a great way to once again confess your love to each other and add an extra meaningful touch!

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Do not know what words to write? We have gathered the most romantic ideas for engraving that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Engrave Your Proposal Date

The content of the inscription on engagement rings cannot be accidental. Consider engraving your engagement ring or wedding band with a special date of your reunion as a family! Such a step will always bring you back to the date when you proposed or promised each other to be together forever.

Engrave a Meaningful Phrase

The phrase, forever imprinted on the symbol of conjugal love and fidelity, should have special meaning for a young family. The most popular engravings on engagement or wedding rings:

Engraving Phrases

“Love Beyond Eternity”

“Forever Together”

“Once and Forever”

“Today, Tomorrow, Forever”

“Honestly and for true”

“I will always love you”

“Forever in love”

Quotes from the Bible or eternal truths in Latin - short, thoughtful, and timeless:

“Ab ovo” - from beginning till the end;

“Semper in animo meo” - forever in my heart;

“Semper fidelis” - always faithful

“Amor omnia vincit” - love will conquer everything.

And here are examples of engraving on wedding rings in French, which many consider the language of true love and poetry:

“Autre Ne Vueil” - Nobody but you;

“Écoute ton coeur” - Listen to your heart;

“Mon Amour” - My love;

“Vivre et aimer” - Live and love;

“Je T'adore” - I adore you.

Engrave Your Initials

Another great idea will be to engrave your personal initial on the engagement or wedding ring. “M&R” - will look simple and stylish. Here you can choose different designs of initials engraving, for example: “S+A”, “D and J”. Or you can engrave your first names: “Sam & Jane”. Let your fantasy be alive here!

Engrave Shared Meaning

Engagement Ring Engraving

It can be the first words of your acquaintance, words from your favorite song or film, something that unites you both now and forever.

Besides, you should also keep in mind some nuances of engraving. Here are some tips from YB Soul:

  1. The shorter the inscription the better (the number of characters in the phrase, including spaces, should be approximately equal to the size of the ring: 19th size - about 19 characters, etc.).
  2. If you prefer a long-phrase, the piece of jewelry should be chosen so wide that the inscription can be applied in 2 lines.
  3. It is better to choose either block text or cursive script font.
  4. Before engraving, make sure that the size of the ring is chosen correctly. It will be practically impossible to further resize it without damaging the inscription.

Moreover, it is worth choosing a way of cutting the inscription in advance. There are several types of engraving:

  • manual;
  • diamond;
  • laser;
  • quiet;
  • photoengraving.

Hand or diamond engraving is carried out respectively with the cutter or the sharp side of the diamond. The laser "burning" of the inscription gives the symbols a black or dark gray color and completely excludes the possibility of changing the size of the ring without damaging the engraving itself. The highest quality and most popular type is laser technology.

Nowadays, it is also fashionable to frame a stone on a ring by engraving: it turns out very elegant and unusual.

The cost of engraving depends on the number of characters and the font, i.e. on the complexity of the work.

You can order your special custom engraving in YB Soul Jewelry Company. We will help you to choose the right font and size of the inscription on your chosen engagement or wedding ring.

Ready to get started? Write to us or order a callback!

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