What Diamonds Symbolise? The magical Properties of Gemstones

The popular gems listed below are among the most prestigious in the jewelry world. Giving gifts that are extremely delightful is a real art, right? Especially when you know their magical properties.


Diamond Custom Ring

In ancient Greek, the name of the stone meant "indestructible". It's hard to argue with the fairness of its name as diamonds are the most durable and unpretentious stones in nature! The first diamonds were discovered in India in the first millennium BC. And for several centuries, diamonds were kept and worn as rough stone. In Egypt, the diamond was used as a talisman - rings with it were worn on four fingers at the same time. In Europe, in Venice, the masters were the first ones who learned to flawlessly cut stones and enclose them in gold and silver frames.

Magical properties: in ancient Greece, they believed that by donating a diamond to the gods, one could achieve their favor and win a battle, but in Persia, there was a tradition to sprinkle the head of a newborn child with diamond dust - it was believed that in this way the child would grow up in health and prosperity. Today, the diamond is still considered a symbol of spiritual purity, honesty, and sincerity. The stone brings good luck to an honest person, protects him from life's troubles.


Ruby Custom Jewelry

The name of the ruby ​​is translated as "red". It belongs to high-strength corundum and is the closest relative of sapphire, which differs from ruby ​​only in color. Ruby has been known as a gem for thousands of years. In India, it is used as a protective amulet; in Ancient Greece, it was not only a precious accessory but was also used as a decoration for temples. Ruby symbolized the fiery element, as well as the feminine principle.

Magical properties: ruby ​​is a stone of heroic deeds, it is able to give a person courage, inspire him or her, awaken love and passion inside. Therefore, people with an ardent disposition and a hot nature are recommended to wear other stones.

The ruby ​​brings victory in battle, the ruby ​​ring accessory helps you make a good deal, and it protects your health when accompanied by a diamond.


Sapphire Ring

Sapphire is a high-hardness stone known to jewelers for over 4,000 years. The name of the sapphire is translated as "blue" (although the precious mineral can be of other colors). The cut stone has a bright luster. The first jewelry with sapphires - rings and bracelets - was worn not only on special occasions but also as a talisman. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, metal fasteners on clothes, horse harnesses, and weapons were laid out with sapphires. In Europe, the crowns of monarchs were decorated with this beautiful gem.

Magical properties: sapphire wards enemies away from its owner. This is a stone that is associated with the water element - it brings good luck in travel and brings adventurism. Sapphire also gives power and desire to self-develop. In India, it was called a stone of purity and chastity, which was worn on the chest in the form of a pendant or ring with sapphire on several fingers at the same time.


Emerald Ring

The alternative name of the stone, according to one of the versions, means "green ice". Precious emerald is a stone whose main value category is color saturation. Therefore, bright emeralds without damage with a carat higher than 5 are sometimes more valued than the same diamonds.

In ancient times, emeralds were worn in rings by thinkers and orators, as well as by great rulers. Large emeralds were used to decorate household items - cutlery, vases. Sometimes the stone became a decoration of the entrance portal to a castle or other residence.

Magical properties: emerald helps to develop intuition, increases the craving for knowledge, helps to make a difficult decision; as a talisman, it fights against the owner's harmful inclinations - love of gambling, deceit, meanness; emerald protects from bad connections and brings good luck.

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