What Gold Type to Choose?

Did you already get the point of what diamond you want for a piece of jewelry, but you still confuse about what gold type to choose? We will tell you that to understand all these details you have to complete five learning courses and get years of experience:)

But still, there is some easy information to figure out how it is going on with the precious metals. We prepared some details about gold according to the color, lifestyle, and budget.

Gold and Karats

The history of gold starts long ago. Because of the polishing ability, shine and color it is very popular. The gold is measured in karats. It shows the purity of the material. One hundred percent pure gold - is 24 karats. So gold purity is measured by how many parts per 24 are pure gold. The rest are called an alloy.

The less karat - the less purity it is. For example 14 karat - 58,5% gold and the rest is alloy. If it is 18 karat - 75% gold and the rest is alloy.

Notice that 24K is actually soft. It means that it can’t withstand daily wear. That is why it is mixed with other metals to add color and to make it stronger. So yellow gold is mixed, for example, with copper, silver, and zinc.

Rose Gold

Gold gets a pink color when mixed with a higher proportion of copper than silver and zinc and is called rose gold. The more karat rose gold alloys appear - the more peachy it will be. If rose gold alloys combine more copper it will be pinker.

White Gold

Like rose gold, the color of white gold is also mixed with other metals. Nickel is used in traditional white gold alloys in order to diminish the yellow color of the gold.


Platinum is a rare precious metal. It has white in color. This type of metal has been used in precious jewelry for centuries and can be a perfect family heirloom. It is so because of design, quality, and timelessness. At the same time, it is the most expensive of the precious metals.

It is just short information for you to make a better choice. Just remember if you are not going to invest in ingots of gold, it is not obligatory to buy 24K gold. Design your piece of jewelry and choose the color of gold you wish to have for your diamonds. The price range will depend on the gold karat and its quality.


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