What is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is very popular today. It is used in many spheres of life: in architecture, medicine, computer games, the film industry, and industry at all. The era of digital technologies has not bypassed the manufacturing of jewelry items. 3D modeling allows to bringing to life any, even the most complex and unusual idea, of the artist.

parts of the ring

So what is the process of modeling precious metals and what are the advantages of 3D modeling?

The finished work does not always match the original idea of ​​the author. A few years ago, in order to achieve the ideal shape of a piece of jewelry item, to realize the author's ideas, it was necessary to create a large number of prototypes. Today with digital technologies it is no longer the problem. The sketch or photo is sent to a 3D artist. The expert, using special computer programs, creates a three-dimensional model of the decoration.

The specialist directly in the 3D editor overlays a transparent sketch on the volumetric image. This allows repeating all lines and patterns very accurately. The work of a 3D modeler is that he controls only technical moments and the artist evaluates the work of aesthetic appeal, adding, removing, or modifying the details of the model. Thanks to the 3D modeling of jewelry items, everyone can create their own unique piece of jewelry. The only thing you need is to describe or depict your ideas to a 3D specialist.

Jewelry 3D modeling is the process of creating visualized jewelry models based on a sketch, picture, or photo. Well-known jewelry companies have been using this technology for a long time because it has a number of advantages:

  • creating the most accurate copy of the future product within a short time
  • making edits and adjustments to the 3D model an unlimited number of times
  • designing a collection based on one product model without time expenditures
  • determining the exact weight of the jewelry at the stage of 3D modeling
  • the ability to create a product model that meets the basic requirements and parameters of jewelry technology

To get that piece of jewelry into your hands there are a lot of different stages of work. Except for idea, design, polishing now you know one more stage - 3D modeling which is also very important in creating a masterpiece. To say shortly, creating a high-quality 3D model will save your money, the efforts of the expert, and the time of both.

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