Why to Choose Yellow Gold?

If you look back several years ago, it was the bright color that immediately attracted the attention of the ancient man. The sun shine and the unusual color of yellow gold delighted people of many eras and peoples. The ease of its processing, as well as its value and rarity, made gold a precious metal.

Yellow gold was highly prized by ancient jewelers. Many peoples of the world made various products and ornaments from yellow metal. In those days, such luxury items could only be afforded by leaders, heads of state. Today, ancient gold items that were made several thousand years ago are highly prized by private collectors and state museums. Today, many of these gold items are considered priceless.

Why is gold yellow?

Some people wonder why gold is bright yellow? Why, for example, copper is red? Why do other metals, including precious ones, do not have well-highlighted colors? How to explain these unique properties of gold and copper? To do this, you only just need to know and understand the physical theory of light, as well as the physiology of the human eye. Also, the color of any metal depends on its absorption spectrum of radiation waves.

Features of yellow gold

As for the features of yellow gold products, such jewelry has a great appearance. In addition, the metal of a fiery hue perfectly emphasizes the beauty and radiance of precious stones of warm colors - rubies, chrysolites, topaz, etc.

Despite the luxury and elegance, this alloy has its limitations. High-grade alloy jewelry quickly develops scratches and other external imperfections. However, if these products are properly cared for, damage can be avoided. First of all, you need to protect jewelry from mechanical damage:

  • avoid contact with chemicals;
  • remove rings and bracelets if you have to work with your hands.

Please note, any jewelry should be bought in specialized stores where only certified goods are sold, because this is the only way to avoid buying a fake. Do not purchase jewelry in unauthorized places of sale.

Yellow gold is truly bright and sunny. This gold is traditional. In the West, yellow gold is popular as a metal for wedding rings, as it is believed that it best symbolizes the warmth and love of the couple.

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