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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Jewelry Design

When you want to find a special ring for your beloved one then every detail comes to your attention. Going from one online jewelry store to another and not finding the perfect engagement ring, can be stressful and scary. But here we are - YB Soul Diamond Jewelry Company - which will take everything under its control. If you are looking for a custom jewelry design, you are in the right place!

Most people think that creating custom jewelry is very challenging. But that is not really so. Let us answer the most common questions about custom diamond jewelry.

1. What’s the custom jewelry design process?

The best from this process is that you are involved in each step of creating the jewelry. We take every one of your wishes, suggestions, and criticism into consideration. Each step is discussed with you and improved by our professional masters.

The first step is Free Consultation. Here you will tell about your feelings and how you imagine the jewelry piece either a ring or necklace.

The second step is 3D Modeling. In this step, your feelings and emotions breathe life and obtain the shape! The photo-realistic image is mold into perfection to meet your expectations before the next step.

3D Modeling of the ring

The third step is the Wax Model. Here your idea is born into a physical product that you can see and touch. It is made in natural size with all thicknesses, textures, drawings, and inscriptions.

The fourth step is the most exciting as here the metal form of your dreamed custom jewelry is crafted by the hands of an experienced master. Yellow, white, or rose gold is sparkled, textured, polished and detailed as you wanted. With great carefulness diamonds or other gems are set in the ring band. After that, we do a final checking of accuracy and quality by us, and then… we present a custom-designed jewelry piece beyond your dreams! Contact YB Soul Team and we will create the piece of art from your idea!

2. How much does custom diamond jewelry cost?

The cost of custom jewelry design is up to you! You are the one who defines the price by choosing all the elements of a jewelry piece: diamonds or gemstones’ quality, gold, and complexity of the design. Custom Jewelry can cost around $300 and up - the budget is up to you. Custom Diamond Jewelry is worth your attention and it can be even cheaper than from a jewelry store.

3. How long does it take to make a custom-designed engagement ring?

Here everything is individual. The time depends on the complexity of the design of diamond jewelry and how many custom orders are before you. Usually, it may take from six to twelve weeks, but if you need your ring faster, please, contact us, and we will make everything possible to make the jewelry in the shortest time.

4. What can you do?

Custom Designed Ring

Bracelet, necklace, ring, pendant, earrings, plaque of diamonds and emeralds - you are the boss! Name your ideal jewelry configuration and we will make it! Look at some of our custom jewelry exclusives in the online catalog and come to us with your own idea!

5. Can you make a copy of the jewelry?

If you ask about the same designed ring of Cartier or Tiffany & Co, do not wonder if our managers will refuse you. Yes, we can make a copy of general styles like double halo setting in rose gold. You can send us several photos of your favorite designer engagement rings, our masters will look at them and help you to come up with your own style that tells about your personal love story.

So now you know the answers to the most frequent questions about custom jewelry design. If you still have doubts about it, message us directly, and we will show you that it is more than just possible. You can create your own custom jewelry and turn it into your personal life story.

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