Great News! Representative in Canada!

Are you afraid to buy diamond jewelry online? We are here to say that we understand you completely and we do our best to prove to you that you can trust us - YB Soul Diamond Jewelry Company.

A lot of people do not trust online diamond jewelry stores, right? Everything is because of increasing scam and fraud. We know this, because we can hear it from you. At the other end - legal diamond jewelry companies want to be secure. The YB Soul team is here to solve the problem!

Before buying something - everybody wants to see the item and to touch it. Mostly, you need to pay 100% of the price. We understand this completely. As you know we already have one representative in the USA, Arizona. Today we want to share with you great news - especially if you are from Canada. From now on we have a representative in Montreal, Quebec. So you can be sure that our goal is to build trust among our customers.

So, if you want to have a 2-carats engagement ring, for example, but you still have some hesitation, we offer you the individual solution.

You can order the ring with a minimal prepayment! The first payment sum is calculated individually and depends on the price of your desired diamond jewelry. We accept such payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, PayPal, bank account.

Let’s divide it in few steps:

  • Once we get your minimal investment, we will contact you to confirm the order.
  • Then we start to create your diamond dream.
  • We report to you about every step of jewelry making by sending photos and videos to you in messenger or What’sApp.
  • We ship your order to our representative by location at 6000 Côte-des-Neiges Rd #240C, Montreal, Quebec H3S 1Z8, the way of the deal we will discuss individually.
  • The delivery and insurance of the parcel is free of charge and takes 2-5 days.
  • We inform you when your diamond jewelry is delivered to the destination address. We will arrange the date and time convenient for you to meet with our representative.
  • Be ready to meet a very friendly and client oriented YB Soul team-player who will show you the diamond ring or diamond bracelet that you ordered.

So, as you see, you are going to be able to touch, to try it on, to make sure that it is real diamonds and gold, because we provide every client with an international diamond certificate.

And if you are in love with the piece of diamond jewelry, you pay the rest of the price to our representative by cash or you can transfer the money to a company’s bank account or PayPal. After that you are the owner of the diamond beauty.

Contact us anytime if you are interested in and would like to purchase with us - YB Soul Diamond Jewelry Company.

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