History of Diamond Jewelry

Today it seems like a lot of stories of life are very well known. And what about the history of jewelry? Diamonds and jewelry have been a component of this world and people since before the first history events were mentioned.

Actually it started a long time ago. People have had jewelry in golden times already. It goes without saying that the jewelry which people of those times wore were not like now. Bones, seashells, colored stones could be considered as jewelry. These all gemstones should have been beautiful so they can be used as jewelry.

Diamonds started to be popular only when people found out how to cut them. So it helped to show the brightness and glittering of the precious stone. Experts got the hang of this skill around 1300. It happened in Europe.

Interesting fact

Interesting fact that almost all first types of jewelry were created to be helpful in people's life. For example, brooches could help to keep the hair together. Fasteners which could hold clothes together are called pins today. To show the power and the status ancient people have used rings, bracelets and pendants. It didn't change a lot. To determine the status of a person you can by kind of jewelry.

25,000 years ago dating back approximately the earliest jewelry. It was a fishbone necklace. This one was found in Monaco, in the cave. Who knows what purpose exactly this necklace had. Perhaps the woman got it as an award, because it was given to her by partner as she gave birth to a boy. The true point for the necklace's purpose is a secret, but remember that we can always use our imaginations.

So, the first jewelry was taken shape on the hunt. It could be bones, horns, teeth and so on. The huntsman thought that all of these laurels could be seen as a symbol of success. If you carry such jewelry it would bring good luck. In ancient times the hunter could feed the village. It means that a good hunter has earned respect and always had a popularity.

In that time jewelry was served as amulets that protected against disease. That is why nowadays we can hear the stories of persons who discovered success and good fortune due to precious stones and jewelry items. Jewelry had some misterios and magic. Because of these legends accessories are believed to give the owner the opportunity to control fecundity and prosperity.

One more interesting fact

One more fact that is worth to be mentioned is that jewelry began to represent responsibility and human relation. Engagement and wedding rings are the symbol of relation between two persons to one another.

In those days only rich individuals were allowed to wear jewelry and precious stones. The ancient human beings wanted to add color and sparkle to their outfits.

From ancient Africa to the Mediterranean and now today we are able to notice the jewelry's evolution over time. And good that today we can find diamond jewelry in stores for different tastes.


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