History of Diamond Jewelry Part II

Was it interesting for you to become closer to the diamond jewelry world? Have you already read our previous article about the history of diamond jewelry? Not yet? Then first check our story about jewelry, part one.

So, here we are again. Let’s continue to discover diamonds and jewelry. It is always interesting to learn more and to get new knowledge. This time we will touch on the history of different parts of the world.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians wore down amulets and totems. The most popular admired piece of jewelry was a lot of different colored beads. It has even started to be fashionable again. Amethyst, turquoise, and carnelian - these precious stones are still common today.

And also the ancient Egyptians were well known for glass on clay and glass inserts. They strongly thought that the color of the precious stone symbolizes the characteristics of the person. That is why even small details were very important for the people from Egypt. Because of the fact that the yellow color symbolizes the sun, the gold ornamented the pharaoh's crown. The heart-shaped talisman preserved the soul. The green one - life and health.

The Ancient Mediterranean

The history of jewelry began about 3000 to 400 BC. Generally, the stones were simple and also served as protection against something bad. These talismans had spiritual meanings. Jewelry was proposed to gods.

Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks were great writers. In their writings, they gossiped about jewelry. Their jewelry items were rich. The precious stones showed the prosperity of the people. They spread their own way of creating bijou. People from Greece followed their faith in gods.

Ancient Rome

When the Romans started to be involved in diamonds and jewelry, almost everything was already discovered. The precious stones and gemstones were treated with respect. The most popular were the bracelets for the wrist and the jewelry items made from gold coins.

As you can see, each civilization had different traditions and treatment of diamond jewelry. Ancient people have put meanings in the first bijou. It was not just jewelry.

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