The History of an Engagement Ring

It has been a tradition to perform the engagement proposal before the wedding since ancient times. The future groom offers his hand and heart to his beloved girl. The man gives his beloved woman an engagement ring and in case if she says “yes” - he puts the jewelry ring on her finger. Over the years, the tradition was improved by the beautiful design and elegant shape of the diamond. But it is still interesting to look into the past and to see how it was a long time ago.

Where did this tradition come from and why? We have the answers.

Now it is difficult to say the exact time of the engagement ring appearances. But it is known that in ancient times people made rings with their own hands from different kinds of gold metal. Ancient Egypt was the first who showed the world how to create the ring. Exactly in Egypt, the tradition of giving rings, as a sign of eternal love, was born.

But the engagement rings, as a zest of a marriage proposal, were first introduced in ancient Greece and Rome. It was meant that the groom will be able to provide a good life for his beloved.

Over the years, the tradition of giving the metal ring was improving. Thus, the Italians came up with the idea of decorating it with diamonds. Such a diamond engagement ring has a special value and looks much more luxurious.

Types of engagement rings

  • a halo (with a stone in the center and many small stones on the rim),
  • with one stone,
  • with a stone in the center and two on the sides,
  • with a lot of small stones all over the rim.

There are many traditions associated with engagement today. For example: giving of engagement rings by parents. Such a gift carries love power that can affect the future life of the newlyweds. The main thing is that their previous owners are happy in marriage, otherwise, it is better to give the rings for melting. The transfer of rings is carried out from generation to generation, making the jewelry an heirloom.

The fact is that engagement rings should be special. YB Soul has a wide choice of diamond rings. The most important thing is that we make customized pieces of jewelry.

One can not deny, this tradition is very beautiful and pleasant. To present engagement rings - is truly wonderful!

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