History of the Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets appeared in our world a long time ago. It should be noted that in ancient times bracelets were made from mammoth bones and simple stones. But ancient bracelets served as a talisman. In France, the word “bracelet” means "wrist" and this meaning emphasizes where you have to wear it. So, here is the question: how does it start to be a precious jewelry item?

What is a bracelet?

Bracelet - is a sign of abundance, status, and religion. For ancient people, all accessories were full of deep sense. Jewelry was speaking about the owners. From first sight, others could see the status and material condition of a person.

This piece of jewelry was also a sign of belonging to any community. In India, for example, only married women could wear bracelets. Sometimes the bracelets were woven from colored beads, creating whole messages from tiny beads. Each ornament had its own meaning. Later on, such accessories were a sign of friendship. To show their friendship, people shared this piece of jewelry with each other. Sometimes bracelets were worn as engagement rings.

During the Middle Ages, the popularity of bracelets began to fall. The severity of morals did not approve of jewelry at all at that time. In the Middle Ages women preferred to wear long-sleeved clothing, so the bracelets were not visible. In the Renaissance, everything changed. People started to like the beauty of jewelry again. Women started to wear dresses with short sleeves.

In India, the bracelets had a special meaning. It is impossible to imagine an Indian woman without a lot of metal bands on her wrist. In this country today, bracelets have a mystical meaning. This is also a good point for the local sellers because a lot of tourists are buying these bracelets as a souvenir.

Today, bracelets are just sophisticated jewelry. But still… If you want it to express your mood, your feelings, your behavior - it is very important to choose this piece of jewelry very carefully.

There are a lot of diamond bracelets today. New technologies allow us to make bracelets from different kinds of material. It is worth being said that because of the shape peoples consider the bracelet a symbol of marriage and marital fidelity.

Each woman appreciates a bracelet made from real gold with precious stones. It is very popular to be unique, that is why it is very popular today to make custom diamond jewelry. A lot of designers are ready today to make any kind of diamond bracelet.

Here are some tips from the YB Soul team:

  • the bracelets are supposed to be on the right hand;
  • better not to wear the bracelets with the watch;
  • better not to wear yellow and white gold together;
  • if it is just a simple bracelet, it may lie freely on the hand;
  • if it is the bracelet with the pattern, better to fit it snugly against your hand.

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