How to Choose a Necklace for the Pendant?

It is generally accepted that jewelry does not have age. Even more - the jewelry grows in value over the years and gradually turns into family heirlooms. But still, every woman eventually wants to acquire something new, more perfect, and elegant in her collection of gold jewelry. Jewelry such as beautiful necklaces with exquisite and original pendants are very popular among new products.

It is quite understandable that in a woman's jewelry box there can be several necklaces. This is because women do have a lot of looks and the jewelry should fit them. It is very important to take into account what weight of the pendant for the necklace is the most practical and at the same time creates a harmonious combination of the created ensemble.

Let's figure out what you should pay attention to before buying yourself a new piece of jewelry.

1. Metal

When buying a pendant and necklace, it is important to follow the simple rule - both items must be of the same metal. Be sure to consider the color of gold - white, yellow, red, it must be the same.

2. Chain weaving

The most reliable are the chains made with anchor and armor weaving. Such jewelry fits well on the body, repeating its smooth curves, without creases and twists.

In this picture you can see several examples of chain weaving:

  • anchor weaving; 
  • armor weaving;
  • weaving double rhombus;
  • weaving bismarck;
  • weaving “love”;
  • netting snake. 

3. Weight

It is generally accepted by experts that the ratio of the weight of the pendant and the chain should be at least two to one. If the ratio of the weight of the chain to the pendant is less, then the probability of chain breakage and loss of jewelry will be higher. Therefore, if you were presented with a pendant weighing 5 grams, then the chain should weigh 10 grams or slightly less.

4. Length

The length of the necklace is chosen according to personal preference. Better to keep in mind that short jewelry (42-48 cm) accentuates the graceful collarbones, while the long necklaces (50-60 cm) draw attention to the neckline.

Smaller pendants fit the princess chains, while the opera chain is suggested to be worn with massive jewelry. An exception is if you are going to wear several long necklaces together: pendants can be small.

Simple pieces of advice:

  • The cheaper the chain, the less the weight of the metal that went into its production. So, if you intend to wear a diamond or other expensive pendant with a necklace in a duet - too light one can simply not withstand.
  • Jewelry minimum - a couple of necklaces: casual and original chain weaving. The original one can serve as the basis for arbitrarily original necklaces. You can also experiment with the shapes and sizes of pendants.
  • Professional stylists know how a simple necklace changes the perception of the portrait bust: necklaces that drop 5 cm below the collarbones and have a V-shape will help lengthen a short neck. If the chain lays down in a circle (for example, a ball chain), simply choose stretched pendants.

When choosing a chain for yourself or as a gift, be sure to pay attention to the lock, it also determines to a large extent how long you will wear the selected piece of jewelry or part with it in the near future.

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