Methods of Diamond Mining in the World

No doubt diamond is the most desirable gemstone. There are rumors about the one who wears it - a man of high stature in society. Frankly speaking, everyone deserves to be surrounded by these sparkles.

Every piece of diamond has a compelling history. Diamonds are the hardest of all excavated gems. These stones become very expensive after polishing and design. It is a truthful masterpiece to craft the stone.

Diamond resource and reserve of the world (excluding Russia) at the end of the twentieth century amounted to almost 5.2 billion carats. And from 2006 diamond resources have been growing very fast.

Today resources and total reserves of natural diamonds are extracted from Russia, Brasilia, Canada, Southern Africa, and Australia. After mining the precious stones go to the exchanges, where they are reborn into beautiful diamonds. The jeweler experts craft the stones to make the perfect cut of them.

Israel has acquired a key role in the global diamond trade, because this country has a large and modern diamond exchange, with in-depth knowledge of the cutting of large and special diamonds. Israel has built a reputation for itself through high-quality gem cutting.

Below we prepared for you the world’s methods of diamond mining.

1. Mine Extraction of Stones

There are two types of diamond mining: open and underground. Open mining involves removing sand and rock found just above the kimberlite. The excavators load the mineral into tractor trucks, which transport it to the ore crusher. The process of diamond mining begins there.

In underground mining, mine workers excavate a mine through the earth's crust to a kimberlite pipe. The workers start at the top level, from where minerals fall to the second level. Then loaders collect mined minerals and return them to the surface for processing.

2. Alluvial Developments

For millions of years, a kimberlite pipe has been eroded when it reaches the Earth's surface. Streams and rivers carry diamond mineral downstream where it gradually accumulates in alluvial sediments.

3. Deep Sea Mining

Unlike ancient divers who collected diamonds at shallow depths, today mining is carried out from specialized vessels using a powerful tracked excavator that sucks gravel from a depth of hundreds of meters through flexible hoses.

To discover diamonds is a long journey. To get to know the history of diamonds: to know the mining and the cut process of the stones - is a very exciting adventure.

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