Sapphire - the Stone of September

In September, jewelry connoisseurs glorify the natural purity and beauty of one of the most valuable gemstones - sapphire. Intense blue color, unique physical, chemical and mystical properties will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of gold jewelry.

Sapphire is a worthy alternative to diamond if you are looking for a colored stone engagement ring. The gem is famous for its magnetic blue color, which will add a touch of sea romance to your look.

Today the bridal market offers a wide variety of colors and decorations in sapphire rings.

Sapphire engagement ring

The classic version of the sapphire engagement ring is a piece of jewelry framed in white or yellow gold with one small stone. Such a product symbolizes wisdom and loyalty, and also, according to legends, attracts financial well-being to the house.

The most popular combination of stones: blue sapphire and clear diamonds. Rings with a central insert made of small blue sapphires and transparent diamonds in the shape of a heart look extraordinarily romantic. In this case, the shape of the stone can be round, oval, pear-shaped, square or rectangular.

"Oval" best reveals the depth of color of the stone, as well as its purity. Cloudy sapphires with a lot of inclusions look more advantageous in the form of cabochons.

5 reasons to buy a sapphire ring for your engagement:

  1. A symbol of love, devotion and integrity;
  2. Impressive appearance;
  3. High value;
  4. Mohs hardness - 9;
  5. Versatility.

Talking about engagement rings with sapphire, it is impossible not to mention the most famous product with this blue stone, engagement ring donated by Charles to Princess Diana. This ring is from Garrard Jewelry House in white gold with a large Ceylon sapphire in Royal Blue tint and 14 round diamonds.

So you won't fail if you choose the ring with a blue Sapphire and present it to your beloved.

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