The Cheapest Diamond Cut

Today, the diamond is the most coveted and one of the most expensive gemstones. When choosing jewelry with a diamond, buyers pay attention primarily to the color, transparency, and weight of the stone, but almost never look at the cut. However, it is the cut that determines the brilliance of the diamond, and the cutting method used affects how the facets of the stone reflect light and delight the eyes of the happy owner. Correctly cut diamonds shine more, and their inclusions are less noticeable, therefore the method and technique of cutting play a much greater role than transparency and clarity, at least for the eyes of the layman.

Nowadays, there are so many diamond cuts that we decided to compare them for you at price.

The diamond cut that is in a great popularity among buyers is round. The round cut is the most expensive. The round cut is not only the most successful in terms of disclosing the refractive properties of a diamond, but also the most expensive. The average price for a one-carat Round Diamond (G, VS2) is $7,291, which is quite a higher price in comparison with other fancy-cut diamonds which have prices 10-43% lower than rounds!

So what diamond cuts are the most affordable?

Diamond cut

In the first place, there are Asscher and Emerald cut. Both of them have lower demands and they lose more weight during the process of cutting. But despite that these diamonds are not less beautiful. They are still in a great demand of buyers and can become the one which adorns the engagement ring of your beloved.

According to the International Gem Society, the average price of a one-carat Asscher cut (G,VS2) is $4,137, and the cost of a one-carat Emerald cut of the same characteristics is $4,176.

The Princess Cut is the most popular among the fancy shapes. By choosing the princess shape you can save 20-30% from the price compared with the round cut diamonds. The low-cost price is explained by the fact that approximately 80% of the weight is retained from the rough diamond while in a around one it is no more than 50% left. The princess cut diamond (G, VS2) can cost you near $4800 for 1.0 carat.

The Marquise Diamond Cut looks exquisite in any band setting. This shape creates an illusion that the diamond is bigger than it actually is. They also cost 10-25% less than round diamonds. The Marquise cut diamond looks graceful and sophisticated, especially when framed with small diamonds. Such diamonds visually lengthen short fingers, that is why they are often used in the settings of engagement rings.

Oval Shape Diamonds have no fundamental difference with the round one except the lengthy shape of the diamond. An oval diamond has a larger crown. It means that they will have more brilliance and will play with all the rainbow colors. They’re 10-30% cheaper than rounds and will cost $5362 for 1.0 carat stone (G, VS2).

The Pear Cut Diamonds feature unique and awesome shapes, their prices are also very attractive! They cost 10-30% cheaper than rounds and their elongated shape is also a great variant for trendy engagement rings or drops earrings. The average price of a one-carat pear cut is $5,802.

The Cushion Cut Diamonds has an exquisite play of color and excellent fire. They are a great choice if you’d like to save 25-42% from price comparing them to equivalent rounds. The average price of a one-carat cushion cut is $4,229. Cushions are great for soft halos and vintage ring settings.

Heart-Shaped Diamonds are the most popular when it comes to St. Valentine’s Day or Anniversary. They are very lovely and, besides, 13-26% cheaper than rounds and for 1 carat precious stone you can give $5536 on average. When choosing a heart, we recommend paying attention to the overall symmetry, which should be clear and pleasing to the eye. So, here is the conclusion:

Cut Average Price
Asscher $4,137
Emerald $4,176
Cushion $4,229
Princess $4,799
Oval $5,362
Heart $5,536
Marquise $5,596
Pear $5,802
Round $7,291


But also remember that it is more important whether the diamond’s сut fits your style. If you fall in love with some diamond shape from first sight, but it is a little bit pricey, there always will be a way to satisfy your wishes, for example, choosing less color or clarity grade.

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