The History of the Appearance of Jewelry Rings and the Events that Influenced the Development of these Jewelry

Ring - such a common word today. Rings have been known for many thousands of years. Can you imagine that the first rings were born in the Stone Age? The archaeological evidence proves this. Maybe it is going to surprise you, but those rings were made of bone.

Only a long time after that time the metal rings appeared. You also have to know that the first rings were served not only as a decoration but were involved in serving as symbols of something. For example, in ancient Rome, gold rings were the pasteboard of senators. Later, during the Roman Empire, a gold ring on a person's finger showed that the person was born free. At the same time, the released slaves wore silver rings.

So, the ring in many cultures has played a bigger role than just decoration. This feature of the rings has survived to these days - just remember the wedding rings, the tradition of which also dates back to antiquity.

Two thousand years ago, it was popular among the ancient Romans for the groom to give the bride's parents an iron ring at the time of marriage. A similar tradition existed in ancient Israel too: the groom handed the ring to the bride as a sign that from that time on he took upon himself the obligation to take care of her material well-being. Wedding rings were worn a long time before the wedding, sometimes even being a child. And in Ireland there was a tradition of the Claddagh ring, which has the shape of two closed hands, symbolizing agreement and loyalty to the given word. If two hands hold the heart, then such a ring becomes an engagement ring. Claddagh's ring could symbolize not only love but also true friendship.

Rings had had other uses as well. Medieval archers wore three rings actually. One ring on the index, one more on the middle, and a ring finger in order not to be hurt because of the bowstring. Rings were often used as a signet rings. The imprint of such a ring served as the signature of the owner. This custom existed even among the ancient Greeks. Signet rings could also serve as a pass to various secret meetings. Finally, for Catholic bishops, the ring is traditionally a sign of their spiritual power.

Also very well-known are secret rings, due to such appointments as they were used as weapons. In Renaissance Italy, rings were common to conceal poison. From such a ring, it was convenient to secretly pour poison into the enemy's goblet.

Over the history of the existence of jewelry, an extraordinary number of the most diverse shapes of rings have been created. And these days, rings - are the most common decorations.

Now let's look at the options for rings and when to wear this precious jewelry today.

engagement ring

Each piece of jewelry has its own personality and beauty. So you can understand those of us who cannot make a decision - try to wear as much as possible. But frankly speaking, the rules of etiquette are quite strict. On both hands should be no more than three of the rings and it can be a maximum of two rings on the one hand.

It is generally accepted that married ladies should wear a wedding and engagement ring, as well as one more, just like a decoration. The fact is that a large number of rings on the hands does not allow you to create a balanced image. Even if you have tried your best with the selection of wardrobe and accessories, it may turn out to be useless if there are four or more rings on women's hands.

That is why today there are three main categories of why to wear rings:

    • Engagement Rings (before the wedding)
    • Wedding Ring (after the wedding)
    • Designed Ring (anytime according to the event)
Jewelry, especially rings, can become a family heirloom. For example, since the days of Queen Victoria, members of the royal family have followed the tradition of wedding rings. Family secrets are always interesting. Therefore, such rings, which are passed down from generation to generation, are considered very valuable.

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