The Most Frequent Mistakes When Purchasing a Diamond Jewelry

In order to make the moment of buying the diamond an exciting, pleasant and not disappointing process we recommend you to follow some simple pieces of advice:

Diamond Characteristics

Learn about the 4C’s diamond characteristics (cut, color, clarity, and carat). They are simple enough and will let you choose a diamond not depending on someone’s opinion. You need to understand only basic meanings, such as color-grade changes that can affect the price of the jewelry by 20%.


Do not let your emotions to blind your mind when purchasing diamond jewelry. Decide on the range of your budget and your personal preferences of the jewel’s style and design. No need to buy the first diamond jewelry you see. Have a look at several diamond options recommended by a jeweler and after that in a calm atmosphere choose your perfect match that meets your standards of quality and beauty.


Not knowing the 4C’s diamond characteristics and their deceptive simplicity creates the illusion that you can judge the quality of a diamond by yourself. We do not recommend doing that because it can turn into a fortune when you buy a diamond. That is why it is better to make a purchase of diamond jewelry that has a certificate. The most popular and reliable institution which offers diamond certificates is GIA. Surely, there are more such organizations that can tell what diamond you are going to buy.

Diamond cut

The characteristics of diamonds do not end on color and clarity. There is one more very important factor as Cut. Customers ignore this feature of a diamond very often, however, it is one of the first that should be paid attention to. Stones that have no ideal cut can seem smaller than they actually are. Moreover, some imperfections of the diamond cut can make it less bright.

The bigger the better

That is the most frequent misperception. The fact of the matter is the bigger the diamond the more visible inclusions and blemishes that can be seen by a naked eye it may have.


Do not forget to define the color of a diamond as a naturally lighted room. Very often in jewelry stores, they use a slightly blue light to make diamonds more sparkling when you look at them. Not seeing how a diamond plays in natural light, you risk getting extremely negative emotions from the purchase.

Diamond quality

Maybe you have already heard that diamonds that were mined in Africa or Canada, for example, will be more high quality than diamonds from India mining. But that is totally untrue because there is no difference between them. More important is who has cut the gemstone.

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