What is the Difference Between Diamond and Emerald?

We already know a lot about the difference between a diamond and a sapphire from the previous article. Diamond is the hardest and an exceptional beauty gemstone that is characterized by its timelessness and uniqueness.

But did you know that emeralds sometimes can be rarer and more expensive than a diamond? And to keep emerald’s beauty you need to care for it with baby oil? What is the difference between these two gemstones? Let us reveal the secrets!

Emerald Earrings

Emerald is a gemstone of beryl known for its deep bluish-green color. They get their green color from trace amounts of chromium and/or vanadium. It is highly valued among other precious stones. Compared to diamonds, emeralds do not possess such hardness and clarity as 99% of all emeralds have inclusions, but that is what makes them very unique.

Price and Rareness

Usually, people think that diamonds are the rarest and expensive gems on the planet. But that is not always true as Emeralds are considered to be one of the rarest stones which command the higher price. Often for those who want to surprise a beloved one and go down on one knee with an impressive ring, it is better to look for an emerald engagement ring as emeralds are bigger than a diamond of the same carat weight because they are less dense.


You already know that emeralds often go with inclusions that make them more vulnerable to cracking. It can be damaged against a hard surface or by extreme temperature change. Most emeralds are, therefore, treated by filling cracks with oil to prevent chipping. It is also recommended to clean emeralds just using warm water and baby oil, but no way to treat them by chemicals or an ultrasound machine. That is what makes them very different from diamonds.

Anyway, there are some more differentiation of emerald:)

  1. They better suit an evening gown as they emanate a rich glow. While diamonds are more appropriate for a specific dress code policy.
  2. Keep in mind that the jewelry should suit the occasion. For example, if it is a business meeting do not wear emeralds they will distract the attention from important cases of work;) But for an Oscar Ceremony - go on and show your green gems!
  3. When it comes to wardrobe, diamonds will be more helpful as they suit all clothing styles. Emeralds are more demanding in matching what to wear and they are not for every day.

And last but not least, if you doubt emeralds or diamonds, choose diamonds as they are more versatile.

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