How does a monthly payment plan work?

No need to pay the entire amount. The payment should be paid monthly.

How many times do I need to pay?

You have a choice: from two to twelve months.

Is it like a credit, will I still need to pay interest on the installment plan?

The price will be without interest.

How do I proceed to the process?

Once you have selected a diamond piece and added it to your shopping cart, choose the manual payment option. Fill in the necessary data: mail, initials, address. Go to the Payment Page and in the Installment line choose the appropriate installment term for you. After that, click Pay Now (even if the price will be the same). This amount will not be withdrawn from you - your bank will take care of it. You will pay each month the portion of the amount which was calculated for you.

Please, NOTE. If you have chosen the period of payment, but the price didn’t divide - no need to worry. It will be divided automatically after you press “Pay Now”. And only the needed part will be withdrawn from your payment account.

Where can I read more about it?

You may find more details in our article prepared for you.