How does an Installment Plan Work in YB Soul Online Store?

We would like to inform you of wonderful news. YB Soul cares about each client, therefore, in addition to the most pleasant prices for diamond jewelry, we have also prepared for each of you the opportunity to purchase the item you like instantly without paying the entire purchase price at once.


An installment plan -  is a method of paying for something where the client pays part of the cost immediately and then makes small regular payments until the debt is completely paid. This meaning you may find in Cambridge Dictionary.


So, be sure, that YB Soul jewelry company put the same meaning into this phrase. And yes, from today you can find in our online store the possibility to pay not the whole price at once, but part by part. We do have an installment plan now.


Installment is a function of your card. This is a way to distribute the value of a large purchase.


The advantages are that you will not pay interest and will be able to repay your item in equal small portions, which makes your purchase easier from a financial point of view. You will not need to complete any paperwork or go through credit checks to get started.


The one-time fee for each month depends on how long you want to split the purchase amount. Now attention, we will tell you how it happens when you buy pieces of jewelry from the YB Soul diamond jewelry store.


Buying by installments is very easy with the help of our online store:

  • add the desired product to the basket;
  • fill the personal data in order to receive the parcel;
  • indicate your contacts and email address;
  • go to the payment section;
  • choose any convenient payment method for your bank's credit card;
  • enter your card details;
  • select the terms for the installment plan you need.

You can choose from 2 months to 12. If you choose one month the payment will be made in one payment immediately.

Let's try to calculate the approximate calculations of the installment plan for 12 payments, from the order amount of 12,000 thousand dollars, as an example.

Here we divide 12,000 thousand by 12, so your first payment will be made in the amount of 1,000 dollars. And the same amount will be withdrawn every subsequent month of the same date. The money will be charged from the card automatically.

Please, NOTE. If you have chosen the period of payment, but the price didn’t divide - no need to worry. It will be divided automatically after you press “Pay Now”. And only the needed part will be withdrawn from your payment account.

If you need help with the calculation or payment process, please contact us anytime in our Social Networks or by phone number +1 844-777-7980. The phone call is free of charge.