Advantages to Purchase in YB Soul Store

If you want to buy a piece of diamond jewelry - it is normal to ask for the price. But don’t be surprised when you will not get the exact price. Diamond prices are so complicated. Even well-educated masters with long time experience still can have a small hesitation about the exact price. Their true value is determined by a lot of factors.

From our previous articles you already know that when you buy a diamond the main characteristics you have to pay attention to are 4C: clarity, color, cut, diamond carat weight. Right, the level of clarity of a diamond is important, because it shows its brilliance. But still, what is the best price for a piece of diamond jewelry?

YB Soul value for money

We are here to offer our customers the best value for money. This is one of our goals. YB Soul Jewelry Company is a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange. So it means that we can set lower prices for diamond jewelry in YB Soul Store. The precious stones come into your hands immediately from the factory, so you can purchase products of higher quality for the same price as on the market. We work without intermediaries.

Masters with more than 30 years of experience

Our experts have over 30 years of experience. It all started with the cutting of stones, polishing and grew into a large family business. We are making diamond products of different complexity and can make custom jewelry. You just need to provide a photo, sketch, or another example of the item. We know how to work with rare stones. We also can find unique stones both single and two identical stones.

We work on requests as well

Do you want a custom order? Our goal is to manage that. We search for the best diamonds available and offer them to you at the best possible price. We also can make 3D designs for you, so you can see how the piece of jewelry will look. If you agree with our price, we offer you a few methods of payment. You can also request payment and delivery in any convenient way for you.

Purchasing with us you will feel the unique identity of our company even in the packaging of jewelry items. A reliable and beautiful box is going with each diamond item. Our motto is sophistication in everything.

100% prepayment

Due to 100% of payment, we do not need to calculate our prices in such a way as to be able to pre-finance each diamond. Because of this you can save your money as well.

Purchasing directly without intermediaries and the way of buying online really makes it possible to save very well.

In spite of the fact that the prices are lower than in the other stores, on certain holidays we make them even lower because we can afford it. As we already mentioned, we are manufacturers. And everyone loves gifts, we know that. If there is an opportunity to give something, we always give it. And we have such opportunities.

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