History of the Diamond Pendants

Pendants and necklaces are the most beautiful jewelry in the world. If you choose a pendant for your outfit correctly - your image will be noticeable and will be remembered.

Women are so women. Their mood can change immediately, because of accessories. With a diamond pendant on the neck - things can change in a positive way for sure.

Have you ever thought about how this piece of jewelry appeared? We will tell a little, to know more about the jewelry world.

Since ancient times, the most important women of the tribe wore such important things as pendants. Cavemen wore a fang or claw of a killed animal around their necks as a sign of a hunter, warriors - bones of killed enemies. These decorations were made by hand. Before, the pendant played the role of a talisman and amulet.

Pendants were also made from stones, wood, shells, and animal organs. So pendants in the Stone Age:

  • brought good luck, protected from evil spirits;
  • showed success in hunting;
  • reflected the place in society.

Egyptian jewelers made pendants from precious stones, gold, and silver. The products depicted figurines of gods and sacred animals.

The Pendants in Ancient Egypt:

  • were worn close to the heart, as the source of life. Those were personal amulets, protected from evil forces;
  • pointed to the position in society. Pharaohs wore jewelry as symbols of power;
  • drawings on pendants told about the origin of the owners.

Expensive stones became the jewelry of aristocrats and rich people of the Middle Ages. People of those times used large crystals, amethysts, rubies, garnets, topazes, etc.

It is also worth noting that a pendant with a chain is one of the most popular gifts for ladies of any age. Presenting a small gold pendant to a newborn as a gift has always been a sign of good manners and a manifestation of intelligence.

And it is also worth to be noted that to endow your beloved woman with a gorgeous diamond pendant is the surest way to her heart!

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