Why to Choose White Gold?

Yellow gold is very popular. It really looks so amazing. It has a long time history. Now gold is used as a means of investment and savings in the jewelry industry.

Pure gold is not that interesting as together with other metals, so-called alloys can be created interesting compositions. In the process of alloys - the rose gold, green, black, and white colors appeared. Specifically white gold the jewelers use for creating pieces of jewelry with diamonds.

This is because the white gold better demonstrates the beauty of diamonds, their natural purity, and the depth of the beauty. White gold is very popular all over the world due to its chemical and aesthetic properties. White gold is the perfect alternative if you are already tired to wear yellow gold.

How to determine white gold from silver?

The first thing you have to do is to take a closer look at the piece of jewelry. White gold looks like it is lacquered when silver looks more matte and has a little "stronger" undertones.

Secondly, you have to remember that white gold has a 585 or 750 standard and silver is most often 925.

The third feature, white gold is harder than silver. For example, if you take a silver piece of jewelry and rub it on a blank sheet of paper - a mark will remain. White gold leaves nothing.

Fourthly, silver "does not like" an acidic environment. For example, if you hold a piece of silver jewelry in a glass with vinegar, it will change color. For white gold jewelry, an acidic environment is not terrible.

In its pure form, gold is not used when we are speaking about jewelry. Gold is so soft that a pure gold ring can be deformed with a simple handshake. For the manufacture of jewelry items, other metals are added to gold to improve their properties.

Advantages and disadvantages of white gold.

The advantages include:

  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance.
  • It is always a trend and is in demand.
  • More durable, which allows the gemstones to be more securely set.
  • Match perfectly with all gemstones.


  • Counterfeits are very common.
  • Outwardly it looks like silver.
  • If the gold has a large proportion of nickel, then it can cause an allergic reaction.

Benefits of white gold

One of the most important advantages of white gold jewelry is its very high strength and durability. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made of precious white alloy are very resistant to deformation, scratches and stay attractive appearance for a very long time. Special attention should be paid to the rhodium plating of white gold products, which provides the alloy with additional hardness and excellent performance characteristics.

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