Real Diamond or Fake Stone?

A diamond is a cut natural diamond. We are all crazy about the cold sparkle of the stone. Every time we want to choose a unique stone. But how to know is it real or fake? Frankly speaking, there are plenty of fake minerals on the market. YB Soul experts will tell you how to recognize a fake one.

The good news - we can be sure of the quality of the metal without a problem. Just have a look at any ring and you will see a hallmark. And what about the diamond?  Without a doubt, the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the stones. That is why we send a YB Soul Certificate with the packing. If you want to have the report of other independent experts you can get IGI Certificate (from 0.7 carats) and GIA Certificate (from 1.0 carat). You also may have free-of-charge laser GIA engraving on Diamonds from 1.0 carat.

How to know if a diamond is fake without having a certificate?

First, let’s talk about what not to do.

  • No need to scratch it with sandpaper. Better do not use this method under any circumstances! If the flint paper has diamond dusting, it will ruin the stone.
  • No need to throw it into the water. It is said that the real diamond will turn invisible. But it won't. The outline of the crystal will not completely disappear.
  • No need to knock on the stone with a hammer. From a strong blow, the diamond will shatter into thousands of fragments. Diamonds are hard but delicate. This is the paradox of nature.

And now about how to test it at home. Many of the tests can help determine if a diamond is real.

What do we recommend?

  • Gently place the stone flat side down onto the page of a newspaper in an area with lots of lettering. Ensure the lighting is bright. If you’re able to read the letters of the newspaper - the stone is fake. If you can’t read the letters in the newspaper - this is a diamond. 
  • Check the stone just with the eyes. Hold the diamond under a normal lamp. Watch how light reflects off of the stone. Do you see bright shimmers of white light? And what about colorful light reflections? A real diamond reflects white light very well, providing exceptional sparkle. Diamonds also reflect magnificent colored light or fire. And the fake stone doesn't have that brightness. 
  • Take a magnifying glass with you and check the sharpness of the edges. In diamonds, they are sharply outlined, while in the glass they are soft and smooth.
  • Breathe on the stone: the diamond will not fog up, because it has high thermal conductivity. The fake one will be covered with "perspiration".

We also recommend consulting a diamond expert or jeweler to review the piece of jewelry you already have in your home. They are trained in knowing how to find a fake diamond.